Anne Muntges makes highly detailed drawings, prints and installation art based on concepts of the home. She received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute (’05) and an MFA from the University at Buffalo(’08). Muntges’ work has been exhibited nationally New York, Chicago and Buffalo and Canada.


Artist Statement:

My work explores notions of the home and what it means to play with the arrangement of its parts. In the 19th century our domestic spaces, littered with fancy furniture and ornate wallpaper patterns, became a part of a social ritual that used the home as a way of creating a sense of order and place in the world. It described our success and made it appear as though things were always perfect. The notion of perfection is an impossible thing to keep up and my work plays with what that means.

Using this idea in my studio I focus on intricately detailed drawing, printmaking and installation pieces to explore this theme by taking domestic spaces and adding chaos. I reconstruct images that typify the decorative sensibilities of home; staircases, wainscoting, door frames or columns, and contrast them with skewed drawing perspectives and unexpected elements of construction like brick walls or wood grains that float between the various planes of the drawings. The work is meant to disturb the order of perfection found in the home so that elements of grace are starkly contrasted and sometimes cut off by barriers and moments of discomfort.



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