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This installation series Skewed Perspectives (2013-19) is a home I built room by room over the course of 6 years. Each room includes the actual objects of home: real furniture, cabinets, flooring, and decorative accoutrements like silverware, vases, clothespins, food. Each object, including the walls and flooring are primed white and hatch marked with black acrylic paint pens of varied widths. Every mark is made by hand. The entire space is black and white.  Each part of every surface has a mark. The space blurs the lines between both existing as a real, tangible place, and as a drawing. The hatch marks on the objects shift the eye between the dimension of it and the flatness of it because of the line. The space it meant to be 3D drawing. When completed installed it is about 100 feet long  and eight feet tall.

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