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Drawing is my key to understanding the world I live in. Nothing I see becomes real until it has been explored by the line of my pen; everything I encounter becomes encased in my handmade marks whether it is on paper, wood panels or directly on objects themselves.

I recreate the environments I inhabit by collecting the pieces of my daily encounters in a wild and quickly changing urban landscape. Through photo documentation or collecting abandoned things I work to capture the evidence of other people in these landscapes like an archaeologist analyzing a history long gone. I translate my findings into drawings which become monuments and revered objects that reflect the world as it is in that moment. The thousands of drawings I create compose over time into larger and larger immersive works.

My repetitive and obsessive drawing process explores the spaces between 2D and 3D surfaces. Drawn lines become threads that carve, weave and shape the surface of any object they touch. My works strip away most color to highlight the texture surface of each piece and mark made.  Drawing sculptures are real objects that are primed white to create a new blank canvas for black drawn lines and patterns composed of acrylic paint or ink. The final works become interactive black and white spaces, with splashes of color, that immerse viewers into a drawn new world.

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