This Catalogue of Ownership is a project designed to carefully and faithfully catalogues every object that I own from the mundane bottle of Retinol A I use on my face to the car that I drive. It is a growing project that is developing drawing by drawing. The goal is to fully realize the grandiosity of my footprint in this world. The rules for determining what I own are simple. 1. Was it bought by me? 2. Is it in my name? 3. Was it gifted through me (often in relation to family)? I live a  shared life, which means it is not always clear if the object is mine or not. The project is not meant to be perfect though. It is meant to be to the best of my knowledge and of this moment.

Each drawing I make for this project is a collection of my objects and is done in pen and gouache at 40″ x 26″ each.